Parallel Activity – ”8 millimeter” 2021

Release date 10 September 2021. Label: toppkonst

Recorded november 2020 at Studio Zen, Gothenburg, Sweden by Kristofer Göransson.  Additional recordings, edits and premix Dec 2020-Feb 2021 at Studio Eternal Darkness, Gothenburg, Sweden by Johan Björklund
Edits and keyboard recordings ”Summer Lovin´”  by Alfred Lorinius
Mixed february 2021 at Studio Zen, Gothenburg, Sweden by Kristofer Göransson.  Mastered april 2021 by Petter Eriksson. 
Cover art by Max Grundström.


Carl Svensson – guitar acoustic/electric, nordlead
Erik Ivarsson – guitar acoustic/electric, lapsteel
Alfred Lorinius – electric bass, keyboards
Johan Björklund – drums, percussion
Special guest: Anders Augustsson – electric guitar


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