John Lönnmyr – ”Aftonland” 2023

Release date 3 November 2023 – Red Round Records
Recorded at Red Round Studio,Studio Katakomb, Smell the Glove recordings and Eternal Darkness
Composed, mixed and produced by John Lönnmyr
Mastered by Hans Olsson at Svenska Grammofonstudion
Cover painting by David Palmqvist Photo by Kristin Lidell
Dedicated to the memory of Stefan Renström. Bandleader, mentor and friend.

The instrumental album ”Aftonland” is a deep dive into progressive rock, channeling the 70s, with inspiration from bands like King Crimson and Jethro Tull, and a modern Nordic twist reminiscent of Opeth and Anekdoten.

John has played with jazz and free improvising groups like Monochromatics and Thymeshift.

He is also the Hammond organ player for his blues trio Aunt Nancy and psych-rockers Divers. Since 2019, John has been a member of The Night Flight Orchestra.

He released his first solo album, ”Ristor,” in 2020, which he entirely created with a modular synth.
”After fixing my old turntable, I gained access to my LP records from my late teenage years. I revisited a lot of progressive rock and expanded my collection with both newer releases and old masterpieces. At the same time, songs started coming to me and writing became easy and enjoyable. I arranged the songs with many keyboards in mind, such as analog synths, Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes, and Mellotron – instruments that I both love to listen to and handle.

With ’Aftonland’, I want to put my own artistry on the map.
Beautiful melodies and expressive musicianship. And of course a lot of improvisation!”


John Lönnmyr: rhodes, organ, mellotron, synthesizers, bass, guitar, percussion
Matias Jarlhed: drums
Johan Björklund: drums
Pontus Torstensson: drums
Anders Brisman: bass
Elof Hanson Svensson: guitar
Thomas Rundström: guitar
Kristin Lidell: trumpet
Maria Palmqvist: voice
Per Laang: saxophone


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