Disturbance – ”Tribal Elektronix” 2019

Release date 2 dec 2019. Eko in Gothenburg
Recorded, edited and pre-mixed by Johan Björklund, Studio Eternal Darkness, Gothenburg January 2018 – August 2019 
Mixed by Kristofer Göransson, Studio Zen, Gothenburg, August-September 2019 www.studiolokalen.wordpress.com
Mastered by Hans Olsson Brookes, Svenska Grammofonstudion, Gothenburg, October 2019 www.svenskagrammofonstudion.com
Press and cover photos by Magnus Bergström www.magnusbergstroem.se
Cover painting by Cristina Ärlestig (used with permission)
Cover design by Johan Björklund
Produced by Johan Björklund. 

All since the day when the 11-year old version of me was exposed to my first live music experience of Bohus Bataljon (Bohuslän Big Band nowadays) I have been obsessed with drums and rhythms. And I will continue to be until I take my last breath…After 20+years work as a drummer/leader/composer in different bands and projects I have formed this outlet of artistic expression called Disturbance.
The first attempt started already in 2006 and resulted in the demo project/record ”Manipulated” that never was released.
Until now I have to add, you can stream it online from 15 nov 2019 as a kind of teaser for my ”real” release.

On the new release ”Tribal Elektronix” I have turned myself inside out and used a big part of my instrument collection located in my studio ”Eternal Darkness” in Gothenburg. Inviting carefully selected friends has opened up new pathways both for them and myself. I am eternally grateful for their generous contributions to the music and I think you can hear the love and dedication put in from them. The project has had many artistic rules (set up by me) and one important has been that nobody got to prepare themselves, just create to what they heard in the headphones. To capture the fresh and really creative performances. And you know what? I think it turned out really good!
Please enjoy this sweet Disturbance called ”Tribal Elektronix” 
Johan Björklund – Gothenburg, november 2019 


Johan Björklund – drumset, percussion, african drums, gran cassa, handclaps, kalimba, electric guitar, electric bass, nordlead, korg m1, norddrum, programming, treatments, sampling, voice, growl 
Thomas Gunillasson – electric guitar, ableton live remix 
Mike Lloyd – trumpet 
Dona Tarokh – voice 
Farzaneh Moslehi – voice 
Signe Björklund – voice 
Erik Ivarsson – lapsteel 
Håkan Hellquist – electric guitar 
Anders Augustsson – electric guitar 
Anna Bylund – voice
John Lönnmyr – fender rhodes 
Carl Svensson – electric guitar 
Kristofer Göransson – synth arpeggioator 
Midaircondo (Lisen Rylander Löve & Lisa Nordström) – sample from live performance. Used with permission from the artists

Thanks to: Kristofer Göransson, Dona Tarokh, Anders Augustsson, Erik Ivarsson, Anna Bylund, Thomas Gunillasson, Mike Lloyd, Håkan Hellquist, John Lönnmyr, Signe Björklund, Carl Svensson, Henrik Gadelli, Farzaneh Moslehi, Hans Olsson Brookes, Magnus Bergström, Lisen Rylander Löve, Lisa Nordström, Johan Westergren, Christina Ärlestig, Ali Reza Tarokh, Sensus, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee. 

Dedicated to the loving memory of Thommy Larsson (1973-2019).


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