Johan Björklund – percussion
Adrian Barstad Andresen – trumpet, goathorn
Maria Palmqvist – voice, percussion
Armand van Wijck – harmonica, flute

With support from The Swedish Arts Grants Commitee 2023.

The Forest as a safe haven or a really dangerous place and everything in between. The importance of the forest for us as individuals and for the entire world.
How do you transform this into music? Come and hear for yourself when we enter the Darkthrone Forest. At your own risk we welcome you.

In the winter of 2019 I took a walk in Slottskogen, Gothenburg. When passing Azaleadalen I noticed all the leaf-less trees, looking kind of vicious, mean and harsh. The similarity of the logo of legendary Norwegian Black Metal-band Darkthrone was striking me hard.

That image stuck in my head and I came to realise that the forest has always been an important place for me. 

As a young boy playing, building, hunting, cutting down trees and planting new ones in the forests outside Hedekes were I grew up.
And after moving to Gothenburg in my early 20s, I´ve always had forests more or less close to where I have lived. 
Nowadays it is Rudalen in my neighbourhood in Gothenburg that represents my Darkthrone Forest.

”In the lingering light of the saints of fires
In their fusing of word and deed
A call to see, to learn, to know
So that eager we may go
Beneath, beyond, behind, below”
– Erik Danielsson (The Howling – Watain)