Thymeshift United gathers eight of the more interesting improvisers from Sweden/Norway/Denmark under one flag. Based on the quartet Thymeshift (Backman/Björklund/Amsler/Gunillasson) this extended unit explore rhythm, interplay and experimental, groovy music in a really fresh way.
Premiere in october 2020.
With financial support from Musikverket.

Katrine Amsler (DK) – keyboards, electronics
Based in Copenhagen. Leader of Television Pickup with several wellrecieved releases.
Also often heard with Lindha Kallerdahl, Shitney, IB Expo,
Big Bombastic Collective, Samuel Hällkvist and others.

Johan Björklund (S) – drums
Based in Gothenburg. Leader of Johan Björklund Dynamic Flavours and Monochromatics. Has played with Änglaspel, Lina Nyberg, Cue Act, Celso Paco, Mess, Johannes Lundberg, RatedX and others.

Thomas Gunillasson (S) – guitars
Based in Västerås. Leader of Les Pickadoles and A Forest.
Extensive work with Karin Inde, How!, Mess, The Dora Steins,
Lindha Kallerdahl, Zara Tellander, Militanta Jazzmusiker and others.

Thomas Backman (S) – saxophone, clarinet
Based in Stockholm. Leader of the band ”Thomas Backman”
Has played with Paavo, Klabbes Bank, LED, Sarah Riedel, Maia Hirasawa and others.

Lisen Rylander Löve (S) – saxophone
Based in Gothenburg. Leads her own band ”The Splendor” and the soloproject ”Oceans”

Malin Wättring (S) – saxophone
Based in Gothenburg

Anne Marte Eggen (NO) – bass
Based in Malmö

Samuel Hällkvist (S) – guitars
Based in Copenhagen.


Katrine Amsler – keyboards, electronics
Thomas Backman – saxophone, clarinet
Johan Björklund – drums
Thomas Gunillasson – guitars, electronics
Malin Wättring – saxophone
Lisen Rylander Löve – saxophone
Anne Marte Eggen – bass
Samuel Hällkvist – guitars