A powerful unit with no fear for exploring unknown sound territory.

Thymeshift has been touring and recording in different constellations since 2011.
The core of Thymeshift consists of Thomas Gunillasson, Johan Björklund and Thomas Backman.
They take the music in directions unheard of before, combining electronics with cinematic soundscapes performed with a rock edge. The tunes focuses on strong melodic material, advanced rhythmical interplay and adventurous improvisation taking the listener for an unforgettable journey.
2015 saw the release of the band’s debut album ”Beyond Horizons” in collaboration with Hilmar Jensson (ICE), released on the BoogiePost Recordings label.
Between 2016-2020 the main focus was the collaboration with keyboard/soundscape wizard Katrine Amsler (DK) which resulted in the album ”Dark Lights” released on Imogena Records. They also recorded and released ”The Sonic E – Dope Regards” 2017 on Simlas Recordings. This project featured DJ/bass player etc Jonas Färnlöf (SWE).

Thymeshift also works regurlarly with the projects Thymeshift Elektronix and Thymeshift United which are described further on their respective page on this website.

Since 2020 the main collaboration includes keyboard player John Lönnmyr (SWE).
New record in the making featuring this line-up with release September 2024.
The band is financially supported by Swedish Arts Council.

Johan Björklund (SWE) – drums
Based in Gothenburg. Leader of Johan Björklund Dynamic Flavours and Monochromatics. Extensive work with Änglaspel, Lina Nyberg, Thomas Markusson, Joona Toivanen, Mess, Johannes Lundberg, RatedX, Arve Henriksen and others.

Thomas Gunillasson (SWE) – guitars
Based in Västerås. Leader of Les Pickadoles and Dundret.
Extensive work with Karin Inde, How!, Mess, The Dora Steins,
Lindha Kallerdahl, Zara Tellander, Militanta Jazzmusiker and others.

Thomas Backman (SWE) – saxophone, clarinet
Based in Stockholm. Leader of the band ”Thomas Backman”
Extensive work with Paavo, Klabbes Bank, LED, Sarah Riedel, Maia Hirasawa, Ilaria Capalbo and others.

John Lönnmyr (SWE) – keyboards
Based in Gothenburg. Extensive work with Aunt Nancy, Monochromatics, Divers, Mikkey Dee, Nightflight Orchestra and others.


Johan Björklund – drums
Thomas Gunillasson – guitars, electronics
Thomas Backman – saxophone, clarinet
John Lönnmyr – keyboards, electronics


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