NEW RELEASE November 3, 2023: Johan Björklund -”Pjäxeröd 2.0”

Johan Björklund – ”Pjäxeröd 2.0” (EDR001)


Release date: November3, 2023
Johan Björklund -drums, electronics, nord drum, synth, rhodes, grand piano, electric guitar, electric bass, objects
Arve Henriksen – trumpet, voice, electronics
Thomas Markusson – double bass, electronics
Armand van Wijck – chromatic harmonica
Maria Palmqvist – voice
John Lönnmyr – synth, organ
Thomas Gunillasson – electric guitar

”Embracing and finding inspiration/irritation in my youth and background on the Swedish countryside is the source forcreating this music.Ever since starting my journey in music as a kid this has been an integral part in everything I have done, the fact that Igrew up in a certain, really special place in Sweden. The cultural, social and geographical background is there whether youwant it or not. These conditions forms you in certain ways, for good and for something to explore, challenge and be challenged by.

And the nature! Such a beautiful place that I see with totally new eyes now as an older and perhaps wiser person.

An old word for nomad/beggar in Swedish is Piekker and the farm were I grew up from 5 years old, is called Pjäxeröd (in really old days “Piegs Rudi”, the beggars place), close to the village of Hedekas in North East Bohuslän, Sweden.
I am no beggar but definitely a curious and adventurous nomad.

-Johan Björklund October 2023

Recording & editing: Johan Björklund
Mix & mastering:Kristofer Göransson
Layout: Thomas Gunillasson
With support from the Swedish Arts Council

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