After a real nice summer with some touring done (Celso Paco & Dynamo de Luxe, Parallel Activity, Thymeshift and others), September brings a lot of studio work and preparations for upcoming stuff.
Final mix of my solo-record ”Disturbance – Tribal Elektronix” in Studio Zen with Kristofer Göransson.
Mastering of Monochromatics – ”KnockOut” done by Hans Olsson Brookes.
Recording of new album with Parallel Activity in Beard Sound Studio with Johan Håkansson.
Later this winter: tour in Israel with Emil Bashari, tour in Sweden with Dynamic Flavours and kick-off for megaproject Thymeshift United with Lisen Rylander Löwe, Malin Wättring, Samuel Hällkvist and Anne Marte Eggen.
Splendid Times!