RatedX – NEW RELEASE ”Passive Aggressive”

Like three unidentified flying objects in the sky, Mike Lloyd, Johan Björklund & Patrik Ehrnborg are slowly orbiting around each other, creating a elastic musical universe which at any point can be turned upside down and flung into another dimension.
This album was recorded in that spirit during two days in December 2015 at Element Studios in Gothenburg by Linus Andersson.
We listened intently to each other, tried out different ideas, turned corners, trailed off in separate directions to re-unite at a new meeting point further down the road.
Focusing on tiny details. Blurring out to a biggger picture and zooming straight back in. A fast curve ball defying the rules of gravity. From clear sky to gritty dirt in a split second .
We related to each other in the most confusing and clear way possible. This music is the result of those two days. Simply creating music in the moment to carry us home.

So take a listen and hopefully you will enjoy the ride.